A new method to align Business and IT where modelling Stakeholder's Perspectives results in prototypes that are immediately validated


Perspectives is:

-  A new view on Information and Information Systems
-  A new method for Business-IT Alignment on every scale
-  A simple non-technical Modelling Language
-  Using common concepts such as Contexts, Roles and Actions
-  Supported by software that generates Prototypes for validation
-  Especially useful in Digital Transformation Programs
-  An essential tool for Business- and Information Analists

The Perspectives Principle:

-  When interacting in a Context
-  Focussing on a common subject
-  Different Roles have different Perspectives
-  According to their goals and responsibilities
-  Their Perspectives consist of the Actions they can do
-  Actions like consulting, creating and changing Information
-  Therefore we model Perspectives as Actions of Roles in Contexts

Use Perspectives to:

-  Re-assess your Organisation’s Role in its Context
-  Prototype Customer Journeys/Experiences
-  Align Customer and Worker Perspectives
-  Align Customer and ChatBot Perspectives
-  Prototype collaboration within your Value Chain
-  Prototype collaboration within your Organisation
-  Prototype Case Based Systems with RACI Roles

A Perspectives Project:

-  Starts with a  short introduction to the method
-  Followed by workshops to determine:
           -  the Common Context
           -  its Internal and External Roles and Goals
           -  the Role's Actions
           -  Generate Prototype during the workshop
           - Validate the Customer/User Experiences

The results include:

-  Aligned perspectives on the Common Context
-  Prototypes of the Customer and Worker Experiences
-  A basic version of a Data Model
-  Details on Roles, Actions and Properties
-  Epics and User Stories for Agile Continuation
-  A Development Agenda

Use the Perspectives Software to:

-  Create Contexts
-  Add Roles
-  Make certain Roles Subjects of Actions (who)
-  Make other Roles Objects of Actions (what)
-  Add Properties to the Roles
-  Add Actions to the Role's User Interface
-  Generate Prototypes and Validate!


The Perspectives Software is called Perspectives4EA. It is an Add-In for Sparx Systems widely used Enterprise Architect case tool. By importing Perspectives4EA in Enterprise Architect the Perspectives Modelling Language becomes available and Prototypes of the User Perspectives are generated for validation.


At the moment we do several Perspectives Projects in the Netherlands. Are you interested in modelling and prototyping the perspectives in your own value chain or organisation? Then please download the brochure below and contact us at info@perspect.it 
"We have developed a new business concept with Perspectives in just four weeks. I understood the method immediately and was amazed at how fast we had constructed a prototype. It has really helped me to work out my ideas"
Paddy Noé, managing director Dolphin Solutions
"We hebben met Perspectives in vier weken een nieuw business concept uitgewerkt. Ik begreep de methode onmiddellijk en was verbaasd over de snelheid waarmee we tot een prototype kwamen. Het heeft me erg geholpen mijn ideeën te concretiseren"
Paddy Noé, directeur Dolphin Solutions



Download deze brochure voor meer details!