Edge computing

According to some experts, within a few years, the server capacity and bandwidth will fall short for supporting all we want to do with our devices. Therefore we will have more computing and persistence on our smartphones and tablets. this is called Edge Computing. This in addition to cloud computing and the kind with a name I especially like: Fog computing, a term coined by Cisco.

Question is, what kind of computing is done on the Edge? Every device manufacturer hurries to add neural network processors to their smartphones and tablets. This is necessary because already server capacity it too limited to compute speech-to-text and face recognition remotely.

However, Big IT will make sure that our precious behavioural data will still be send to their servers. It will be interesting to see what excuses they will come up with for doing so.

Time to make edge computing the dominant architecture and to gradually switch to distributed computing. InPlace, our own distributed computing platform will do just that. It will use Fog and Cloud Computing only when necessary. Let's not waste the enormous amount of computing power we collectively hold in our hands!


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