Demonstrating keyboard controls in InPlace

As of release v0.7.0, InPlace can be controlled entirely (well, almost, see below) by the keyboard. In outline:

  • all active controls on a screen can be navigated to using tab and shift+tab, including cards that represent roles.
  • cards can be moved to and from a card clipboard as follows:
    • select the card that has focus by pressing space or enter;
    • tab-move to a drop area (these areas can only be reached by tabbing when there is a card on the clipboard);
    • press space or enter again.
  • in order to open the context that is represented by a card, press shift and space (or return) simultaneously.

The last bit is the tricky part to remember. Pressing space when a card has focus will move it to the card clipboard. But sometimes, as, e.g. in the SimpleChat application, clicking a card will open the context it represents (notice that the items on the list of chats are cards, as well!). To do the same with the keyboard, press shift and space together.

Below is a video demonstrating this.


Currently there are two limitations to controlling InPlace with the keyboard:

  1. It is not yet possible to drop a card on the bin (so the role or context will be removed).
  2. To accept an invitation, it’s file must be dropped onto the appropriate area in the upper bar. We will add an upload button later to circumvent this.
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