A new method to align Business and IT where modelling stakeholder's Perspectives results in a prototype that is immediately validated




The Perspectives Principle

-  When working together in some Context
-  Different Roles have different Perspectives
-  According to their goals and responsibilities
-  This Perspective consists of the Actions one can do
-  Actions that ultimately translate into Information Actions
-  Information Actions like creating, changing or consulting Information
-  We therefore model  the Information Actions of Roles in Contexts

The Perspectives Method

-  Determine the common Context to focus on
-  Determine the Roles inside and outside that Context
-  Add Actions to the Roles dependent on their Goals
-  Make Roles the Subjects of Actions
-  Make other Roles the Objects of Actions
-  Add Properties to the Roles
-  Evaluate and validate the resulting Perspectives

The Perspectives Modelling Tool

-  Create a Context
-  Add a User Role
-  Make the User Role the Subject of an Action
-  Make another Role the Object of an Action
-  Add Properties to the Object of the Action
-  Open the User Role's Perspective

Modelling is Prototyping

-  Select a User Role
-  Open the User's Perspective
-  Open Perspectives Actions
-  Create a Screen
-  Place the Actions on the Screen
-  Validate the Screen with the Product Owners

The Perspectives Project's Result

-  Common Perspectives among Stakeholders
-  An Executable Specification and Demo
-  Details on Roles, Actions and Properties
-  Epics and User Stories for Agile Continuation
-  A Development Agenda
-  A Lexicon of shared Concepts and their Names
-  A list of queries for Analysis and Feedback


At the moment we do several Perspectives Projects in the Netherlands. Are you interested in modelling and prototyping the perspectives in your own value chain or organisation? Then please download the brochure below and contact us at info@perspect.it 


"We hebben met Perspectives in vier weken een nieuw business concept uitgewerkt. Ik begreep de methode onmiddellijk en was verbaasd over de snelheid waarmee we tot een prototype kwamen. Het heeft me erg geholpen mijn ideeën te concretiseren"
Paddy Noé, directeur Dolphin Solutions



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