Perspectives is a work in progress. We started it, because we were not satisfied with the tools and concepts available for Bujsiness-IT Alignment. We are excited about what we've found during our research. We have enough confidence in the basic framework to share it. But we would love to hear your ideas! How can we apply them to real-world situations? What patterns can we discover when doing so? What level of detail is useful in what situation? We can model structure (context, role, property) and behaviour (action), but how can we deal with scenario's?


We still have a lot of questions and we hope to build a community of professionals to explore them together. So if you are a business analyst, or an information analyst, and are excited, too, about the promise of the Perspectives framework, get in contact! We have yet to find a form to make this practical, it is early days.


Likewise, if you represent a company and would like to explore this new way of thinking about organisations and IT, don't hesitate to contact us at We love to hear your opinion and will try to find answers to your questions. Again, we'll find a way.

A practical hint to get you started: download and read the white paper (